Somehow this madness has been going on without my knowledge. Ridiculous fictitious stories claim that they come from some haunted Voodoo town in Sweden.

Not only that, but some wizard made a torrent for you all.

Ty is up to his magic again. What a fucking freak

This little gem is apparently an offcut from one of the Moon Duo LPs and its really pretty fucking cool I must say.
Free download at soundcloud, my lovelies, so go get it right now

Yum yum. Mr Vile does his thing live, and does it well.

Yeah yeah yeah… Really cool video for the new preview track from Kurt Vile’s upcoming album. Ignore the Real Estate comparisons; they are unfounded.

Sick video for this badass new Psychic Ills track. Apparently the album might take a while before it comes out on Sacred Bones.